Anna Minton

Chair of Board

Anna is a writer, journalist and Reader in Architecture at the University of East London. She is the author of Penguin published books Big Capital: Who is London for? (2017) and Ground Control: Fear and Happiness in the 21st Century City. She is a contributor to The Guardian, a regular conference speaker and appears on television and radio. Her father was a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and she has had many years of psychoanalysis herself.

Gwilym Harbottle


Gwilym is a barrister with over 20 years’ experience. He practices from Hogarth Chambers in Lincoln’s Inn, London, where he chairs the management committee. His practice is mostly in intellectual property law but also covers chancery and commercial issues.

Jeremy Dawes

Treasure & Trustee

Jeremy studied Theology at Manchester University’s Faculty of Theology then went on to work abroad with a number of educational missions. Back in London, Jeremy found himself homeless and penniless, and had to resort to squatting in order to have a roof over his head. Eventually he was housed through the combined efforts of Southwark Homeless Information Project and the Southwark Council’s initiative – ‘Hard to Let’ homes. He then volunteered for the same project and was involved in the lobbying against the squatting clauses in the Public Order Bill, which ended in losing the ability to change these prospective laws by 50 votes. After these series of events resulted in Jeremy having a mental breakdown, he then became a Trustee and Treasurer for Lambeth and Southwark Mind.

Mark Bertram


Mark is a manager in local mental health services and has been involved with Lambeth and Southwark Mind for over a decade. Mark specialises in developing new and innovative approaches that help people find their own way forward in a learning, change and growth process.

Jack Dixon 


Jack currently works as Communications Officer for an NHS charity and works closely with healthcare professionals and journalists to raise the charity's profile on a local and national level. He previously held roles as a news reporter and feature writer for a local newspaper group covering west and south London. Jack played a leading role in coordinating L&S Mind's mental health awareness campaign, Change Is Possible, with the South London Press in 2016 and continues to provide expertise with regard to media and publicity opportunities. Jack became a trustee in September 2016 and has had both personal and family experience of using mental health services.

Les Elliott


Les began his career as a company director at the age of 18. He worked in the textiles industry then moved into the film industry, producing films and building cinemas. Les has used psychiatric services for many years, and has experience of homelessness. He is also involved with various voluntary services in Lambeth and Southwark, using his personal experiences to help others.

Jo Thomas


Jo’s background is in occupational psychology and consultancy, and is experienced in the assessment, selection and development of leaders. She has also been a user of Lambeth and Southwark Mind services.

Richard Bevan


Richard is joint CEO of and a Chartered Accountant.

Rasheed Nix

With over 15 years of mentoring experience, Rashid Nix has worked with some of the most challenging young people in London. A graduate of South Bank University and a background in broadcasting, film making and politics, he is particularly interested in how media influences behaviour and consumption habits of different social groups. He is now a member of SLaM and part of their MASADA BME Be-frienders programme working with service users in secure units. It was here he developed his groundbreaking Black History as Therapeutic Practice model. 

Father of four, music lover and eternal optimist.

Ian Snell


Iain has over thirty years’ experience of mental health work gained in a variety of NHS and Social Services settings. He now has a small private psychoanalytic psychotherapy practice and also supervises trainee counsellors / psychotherapists. He is also chair of The Guild of Psychotherapists.

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