Yoga classes in Southwark

Yoga classes in Southwark are listed on two websites: www.localyogaclasses.co.uk/search/London-Southwark www.yogaclassnearyou.co.uk/yoga-classes-in-Southwark

Yoga classes in Lambeth

Yoga classes in Lambeth are listed on three websites: www.localyogaclasses.co.uk/search/London-Lambeth www.yogaclassnearyou.co.uk/yoga-classes-in-Lambeth www.yogahub.co.uk/location/united-kingdom/greater-london-lambeth/lambeth  

Africa Advocacy Foundation

Africa Advocacy Foundation works with communities both in the UK and overseas who are affected by a range of issues including sexual and reproductive health,...
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Sydenham Garden

Sydenham Garden is a unique wellbeing centre utilising its gardens, nature reserve and activity rooms to help people in their recovery from...
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Pembroke House, Walworth

Pembroke House is a multi-use community space in Walworth and it is linked with the Church of England parish of St Christopher’s....
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Robes Project

The Robes Project operates a cold weather night shelter from November to April in seven different South London churches. Each church takes...
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Working With Men (WWM)

Working With Men is an award winning charity supporting positive male activity, engagement and involvement, their current work includes solution based approaches to...
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