Our psychotherapy service offers individuals access to long-term therapeutic support.

We have an inclusive ethos within our service; this means we’re accepting of people who may be experiencing a variety of complex and/or long-term mental health difficulties.

The emphasis within our team is on thinking about people as unique individuals and about circumstances as specific. Therefore, decision-making is tailored to the individuals actual situations rather than being ‘rule-based’.

When are psychotherapy sessions held?

Psychotherapy sessions run throughout the day-time from Monday to Thursday, excluding bank holidays.

Who is this service available to?

The service is available to residents aged 18 and over of Lambeth and Southwark who are experiencing difficulties with mental health. 

How can I access the psychotherapy service?

You can apply through self-referral or you can request to be referred by your GP. To make a referral, please contact Joan Kennedy on 020 7501 9203 (ext. 1) or by email

Is psychotherapy right for me?

Find out about the peer support groups we run.