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Black River Counselling

The Black River Service – Spaces are now available.

Black River counselling is a free online service supporting people of Black African/African-Caribbean heritage during these challenging times. If you are a key worker, a young adult (aged 18+), an elder or someone who just needs to talk, please get in touch.“

Black River Counselling Service exist to meet the mental health and wellbeing needs of the Black Community at this exceedingly difficult time. Black River Counselling Service does so by providing culturally specific counselling for Black People by Black Counsellors & Psychotherapists, at a time when trust in mainstream institutions is very low for this community.

It is an important provision at this time that came into being not only because of the harsh treatment from racism, discrimination, and police brutality, which was highlighted in 2020 with the publicised death of George Floyd by law enforcement but also during this time of the emergent statistic by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) that Black people are up to four times more likely to die with COVID-19 than their white counterparts. This new analysis published on Thursday 20th May, showed black women are more likely to die by a factor of 4.3 and black men by 4.2 compared to Caucasian people, after adjusting for age.

The black community has already been recognised historically as not accessing preventative services, especially talking therapies. Black River counselling aims to remedy this by being culturally specific and as such has already helped so many black people to date.

Culturally specific services such as these are much-needed at this time and going forward, especially with gun and knife crime and loss of young black lives are already at pandemic proportions, and has been for a number of years now, and shows no sign of slowing down, even at this Corona Virus Pandemic time. It is time to start truly addressing black mental health. All age groups in this community are impacted at this time. It is a time of emergency.

Black mental health matters and being able to talk to counsellors who understand the black experience is a mental wellbeing enhancer. It has had a particularly good uptake as the word has spread in the black community.

Black Rivers Counsellors

Allison Taylor

A qualified Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor with over 25 years’ experience. She has extensive experience, working with both long and short-term clients.

Her skills are based on identifying clinical and behavioural issues that negatively impact on interpersonal, peer/sibling and family relationships, including conflicts and anger management.

Denise James

An accredited Counsellor with over 33 years of counselling experience working with people struggling with all types of problem behaviours, traumas, and challenging life events.

Whatever people’s presenting problem, or walks of life, she is a therapist who is passionate about life & love and helping others find their way back to who they truly are at the core, and live that unique life-expression to potential, a potential that oftentimes gets lost in the struggle.

Dione Dalley

As a psychodynamic psychotherapist, specialising in trauma, difference, and psychosis, Dione observes and works with your visual imagery, verbal and non-verbal communications in a non -judgemental space to raise your self -worth, enabling you to achieve your goals.

She has considerable experience in helping clients who live with anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, autism, and domestic violence using talking therapy and art making.

Stephen Rudder

Trained as a Psychotherapist at Tavistock and Portman NHS trust, his practice as a therapist and counsellor is influenced by how early life experience and the unconscious mind affect a person’s thinking.

Stephen is also Project Lead for Lambeth and Southwark Mind’s black men’s programme and was the young people’s counsellor at Prince’s Trust in South London.

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