Our impact

We’re working to make sure nobody in our community feels alone in overcoming a mental health problem.

At our AGM on Thursday 25th of November, we launched our Annual Report. This report gives you an overview of our activities, services we run,  fundraising and public engagement work we were involved with during the last financial year that was strongly affected by the pandemic. You can download the report below:

Lambeth and Southwark Mind Peer Support Evaluation Report

  • In 2020-21 we’ve supported 1821 individuals, 150 people each month with mental health
    We’ve responded to 1440 calls and enquiries in our Information service
  • Our therapy services:
  • General Psychotherapy service
  • Psychosis therapy service
  • Black River counselling and USEMI, Racial Trauma Clinic

Offered short-term and long-term therapy and counselling service to 270 clients

We offered Peer Support Services to 48 people for 40+ weeks of access to peer support groups and

Hood Mentality reached out to 63 young black men through various activities in the community.

All these services are offered free for Lambeth and Southwark residents.

Your stories show just how much we’re helping improve the lives of real people – these can be found on our blog.

Our annual report and financial statements

For more information on our track record of delivery in Lambeth and Southwark, you can read our latest Lambeth And Southwark Mind Annual Report.

Our evaluations

We commission institutions to conduct research into our services, so that we have a better understanding of how our services impact you. These reports help us to identify what our service users find most effective and what we can work on improving.

Embedded in the group is the core value of co-producing solutions. These solutions are evolving into outcomes for individuals.

Sarah McDonald,
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Read the Lambeth and Southwark Mind Peer Support Report – NHS Trust South London & Maudsley.

A place of empathy, support and self- help guidance where confidence and self- worth regrows.

Nina Hallet,
London Southbank University

The emphasis in the team is on thinking about people as unique individuals and about circumstances as specific, and therefore decision-making is thoughtful, tailored to actual situations and not ‘rule-based.’

Michelle Willet, 
UKCP Member, Guild of Psychotherapists and CFAR about L&S Mind psychotherapy service

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