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Welcome to the new L&S Mind website

Today we have launched the new Lambeth and Southwark Mind website.
We’ve spent a long time designing and building the new site with the incredible support of Raising IT, and finally it’s complete.
We have focused on improving the quality of content, making sure each page is more relevant, informative, engaging and consistent throughout.
We worked on building responsively so the website works better across mobile and tablet devices – which is essential as visits from mobile and tablet devices now account for a large proportion of traffic to our site.
Visitor expectations mean websites must continue to evolve, and so this is just the start of an exciting journey.
Here we will highlight the areas that have changed and the areas that we’re still working on.

What’s new?

We wanted to create a more visually engaging, streamlined homepage that offers an inviting way to explore L&S Mind.

We’ve increased and re-categorised the number of items on the homepage; our decisions are based on putting what users want at the heart of our design process.
We identified that what brings visitors to the website most are to find out about mental health services in their area – ones we provide and others available – find out about us and and other organisations helping to improve their communities, and explore ways in which they can get involved.

Lambeth and Southwark Mind services

We recognised it was difficult to find out about the services we provide; understanding which group was right for the individual and what dates the meetings were held wasn’t obvious due to a lack of clear, detailed information.
Our solution? We’ve displayed only the most useful information about our services and hope that these changes make it easier to find out and access the services run by L&S Mind.
Find out more about our information servicepsychotherapy service and peer support groups.

Community organisations

One of our big priorities is to make it easy for people to be aware of organisations offering services to in their local community.
Our ever-growing Directory is used by health care professionals, other mental health services, carers, individuals in distress and their friends and families. It lists and categorises all the mental health services available in Lambeth and Southwark, and continues to b regularly updated by our team of dedicated volunteers.
In addition to this, we wanted a place to showcase organisations and place the spotlight on the individuals that work hard to make things possible. Our News and views area highlights the diversity in groups and activities available with useful and inspirational content, helping visitors stay connected, up-to-date and involved in whats happening around them.
We also wanted a space for people to be able to share their experience of using our services. Our new Blog is the perfect platform, where people have the freedom to share how they really feel and hopefully help others to realise they are not alone.
Explore our blog or catch up with local news.

Our impact

It’s important to know that L&S Minds hard work is having a positive impact and brings us closer to achieving our mission. But we’ve realised it’s no good keeping this to ourselves.
Visitors can now find out more info about our work by accessing annual reports, service evaluations, case studies and quotes, as well as blogs written by people using our services.
The reports produced demonstrate the progress that we as an organisation are making, and proves that people suffering from mental health problems do benefit from our help. We truly believe that every little helps!
Find out about our impact.

Get involved

We’re happy to say we do have a lot of requests from kind people wanting to help us make a difference. If you’re unsure, now you can search ways in which you can help us – all made easy with our support!
You can choose between joining us on a fundraising event, running your own fundraiser, giving you’re input on how the organisation is run by becoming a member, writing a blog or news article or volunteering you’re skills and time in some other way.
This area of the site will be continuously updated as we take part in more events and run more of our own, so keep an eye out by joining our membership!
Join us on our next fundraiser at the Royal Parks Half or send us a blog on you’re personal experience or views.

What’s next?

As we are continually looking for ways we can improve the visitor experience, there are some areas of the website that we’ve not looked at yet. These will be the main focus for the next phase.

1 – Member benefits

We are looking to increase our support network by offering more to members. We aim to be an exciting and caring organisation to be a part of for everyone.
Become a member

2 – Podcast

Part of our digital strategy is to communicate with our audience on as many platforms as we can, so people have a choice in how they want to stay informed. The podcast is a easily accessible and enjoyable way to catch up with whats going on at Lambeth and Southwark Mind.

3 – Events

This is a top priority on our checklist. We aim to expand our events’ diary to include a variety of event types; hiking, cycling, skydiving to name a few. These will be offered to members first, then the remainder of places advertised on the fundraising events page.
In the mean time, find out how to fundraise for us through an activity or event you’re already taking part in.

4 – Blog and social media

It’s all well and good having a blog page and social media presence, but we want to ensure that we are keeping in regular contact with our followers and that the quality of the information being shared is of a high standard. Which means we will be creating more exciting visual content, that aim to share inspiring real-life experiences and heart warming stories that are otherwise kept secret in this massive city.
Going out into the community and communicating with people on a face-to-face, informal basis is our approach in building our network of supporters. Hopefully this will demonstrate the care we have for the people in our areas, and will allow us to achieve our target of doubling our current follower numbers.

What do you think?

We would like to hear what you think about these changes so we can continue to improve, please email us your feedback.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We have worked really hard to make our website accessible and easy to navigate, but if there is something specific that you can’t find, please let us know.

Posted on: 17th October 2016

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