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L&S Mind x WMHD 2017


Mental Health in the Workplace

Today marks the 15th anniversary of World Mental Health Day.
Since 1992, the aim of the day has been to encourage greater education and awareness of mental health issues, and to campaign against the stigma which continues to surround them.
This year, the World Federation for Mental Health has decided to focus on Mental Health in the Workplace; a campaign to encourage positive attitudes around employee and employer mental health, and to promote workplace habits that are beneficial for everyone’s wellbeing.
A recent survey by Silver Ribbon Singapore found that 6 in 10 employees suffering from depression choose not to disclose their condition to their employers and 60% of people questioned had experienced mental health problems directly related to work (Business in the Community’s Mental Health at Work 2017 Report).
These findings call for greater investment in employee mental health and wellbeing, and to raise awareness of the ways in which employers can provide practical adjustments and compassionate attitudes to employees living with mental illnesses.
Investment in workplace mental wellbeing can not only contribute to much more supportive and productive workplace environments, but can also save businesses a great deal of money in the long run – as found by Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index for 2016/17.

Tea and Talk

To show our support, Lambeth and Southwark Mind will be hosting a ‘Tea and Talk’ this morning for all employees and volunteers of We Are 336 – the building in which we work – involving tea, coffee, cakes and most importantly, a good old fashioned chitchat.
Lewisham Mental Health Connection’s have organised an activities day, which features sessions for art therapy, mindfulness and laughing yoga, as well as a series of talks on mental health management and emotional first-aid. To find out more, or see what other public events are taking place, check the South London and Maudsley (SLaM) website.
Or, if you’re an employer and are putting on an event of your own, you can access Minds free resources useful for promoting wellbeing in your workplace and supporting your employees when mental health problems arise.

…and a new podcast series!

We are also very excited to be launching our new podcast series, Matters of Mind.
Through Matters of Mind, we aim to raise awareness of key mental health issues, and to put a spotlight on unique ideas and innovative services that are emerging within the areas which we cover.
In recent years the subject of mental health has received a lot of media attention and, whilst awareness of national trends is growing, people are often less aware of the challenges people are facing in their local community and what recent support has become available. Through the podcast we aim to provide a deeper level of insight into the experiences of people who use and deliver mental health services.
Our mission is to explore the real and relatable stories that sit behind the statistics and raise awareness of the positive and innovative work that’s being done.
Over the course of this series we will be inviting practitioners, academics, and service users alike to our home at 336, to discuss topics such as treating psychosis with talking therapies and yoga, which are both free services available to residents of the boroughs in which we serve.
The first three episodes are live and free to download on Soundcloud and iTunes. These include interviews with:
James Withey, the author of The Recovery Letters – a collection of messages from people who have recovered from depression addressed to people who are still struggling with it. James explains to us his personal experiences that inspired the project and reads the first of a series of excepts from the book that will bookend each future episode of this series.
Professor Graham Thornicroft, a consultant psychiatrist at South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Professor of Community Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN), Kings College London. He is also a published author and received a knighthood in the 2017 Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to mental health.
The discussion focuses on stigma (the subject of his 2006 book Shunned: Discrimination Against People with Mental Illness) – exploring changes in attitudes and the law in recent years that have helped to address this issue, and discussing areas where progress must still be made in order to end discrimination against people with mental health issues.
Jon Gee (pictured), a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, body worker and mindfulness instructor who delivers the unique Yoga Share project for individuals experiencing psychosis in Lambeth and Southwark. Jon shares how he developed his approach to working with psychosis and explains what happens in a typical Yoga Share session.
Keep up-to-date with each new monthly release by following us on Facebook@mattersofmindpodcast, and on Twitter @MoM_Podcast.
If you are interested in supporting Matters of Mind we would appreciate your help spreading the word!
Much love,
L&S Mind Team x

Posted on: 6th August 2017

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