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A Central Meeting Place

Four, for tea. Silver stout flask
full of steaming herbal tea.
Alice’s caring motherly skills
as she gingerly pours the tea.
Smiling, beaming faces and
open familiar conversation
re: Trump, ease of lockdown rules
and a member recently deceased.

Seeing a lively group of dancers
from afar.  We drawing ever
closer began to take part.
Moves to Socca encouraged,
‘two steps to the right, turn to
face inwards, two steps to
the left’.  Grandmother in purple
mac really stepping to the jive.

Labyrinth – Flower Garden.  Wild
unexpected yellow flowers so bright
and cheery. Fellow women examining/
getting close to nature.  Seeing and
admiring interesting vegetation reaching
out to touch, caress and enjoy the wilderness;
bright red rucksack on her back, recalls
fondly names given when she was a child.

Lengthy fallen bark, just behind two serious
Sisters looking into the distance.  Grey, blue
and black brightened only by striped red,
blue and yellow woollen hat.  A clinical
blue mask, smug fitting black hat, hands
thrust deep into her pockets of a black
padded anorak.  You can see her eyes
smiling with pleasure.

A Yorkshire Terrier, Reg by name.
Jay’s colourful turquoise hat brightens
this grim winter day.  She greets Reg
warmly; this tiny speck of a terrier.
We gather round to listen to our guide.
Some near, some further away.
Yellow boots and red spotted umbrella
for the eventuality of rain.

The open grey roofed bandstand with
semi-arc ways surrounded by dark
green shrubbery.  A central meeting

by Gennoria Miles

Posted on: 3rd June 2021

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