We are doing all we can to support those experiencing mental ill-health in these uncertain times, but we still need your help. Our services are provided free of charge to people in the greatest need, and your donations help us continue to deliver these vital services. 

The Big Quiz Night

Get your friends and family together for our Big Quiz Night! Taking part in The Big Quiz Night is a great, fun way to fundraise and help us support and empower people in their recovery from mental ill-health.

Decide how to host your Big Quiz

First select a date and time that you think will be convenient for your likely audiences.  Then decide on a format for your event, for example, will you hold it online via Zoom or another online platform, or host a social event at a convenient location with music and refreshments?

Fill in the form to request our Big Quiz pack and we will send you a guide with further instructions and a set of quiz questions and answers. Please be sure to send us your full name and contact number and let us know if you have any questions.

I want a quiz pack