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Women's Therapy Link


Affordable counselling for women.  A network of female Psychotherapists offering experienced Counselling in UK locations.

If you would like to speak to one of the counsellors today, please feel free to phone.  They will be happy to discuss what is concerning you.
If you have a personal crisis, relationship problem, a difficult decision, or a habit, behaviour, or state of mind you would like to change, they can use their skills and many years of practical experience to help you bring about a better outcome.
If you are enquiring for a friend, a family-member, or colleague, they will try to help you find something that will be helpful for them.
Their policy is to make counselling affordable and good value for money see website for information about the flexible pricing-policy.
The network of counsellor/psychotherapists currently covers several major cities in the UK. If you call or use the online confidential enquiry form they will tell you if they have a Womens Therapy Link practitioner in your area.

Contact Details

Greater London: 020 7183 1171

[email protected]


Various locations.

Other Info

Opening times:

See above.

Disabled Access:
Check with them.


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Last updated:
16th July 2021

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