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Big Book of Benefits & Mental Health


This book is aimed both at people who are trying to find their own way through the maze that is the benefits system and at people who are helping out along the way – a tactical handbook that has proven a helpful resource.

The latest, longer life, larger than ever, added value 18th edition  Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health 2018-20  is now at the printers.  It costs £25 + p&p.

This 18th edition of the Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health provides a fully updated  friendly guide and practical handbook for the benefits newbie and experienced advisers alike. On the face of it, the book is full of friendly, informal practical guidance, tips and tools to help you or the people you support find a way through the benefits maze, even if you are completely new to the benefits maze.

Page by page guidance takes you through the ESA50 / UC50 and PIP 2 assessment forms. And step by step explanations help you understand the sums of means tested benefits and the strange new benefits world of Universal Credit. It can take away some of the mystery of DWP processes, and make it easier to challenge them, right through to an ESA or PIP appeal  – with example appeals submissions and how to write short but effective supporting letters.

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12th May 2020