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Southwark Mediation Centre (SMC)


Mediation is confidential and voluntary, a process where the people involved can work towards realistic and practical solutions, as easy or as short as people want to make it and a positive way of sorting things out.
The services at SMC are aimed at

  • Family mediation.  The Centre encourage the use of mediation amongst families to help them manage their differences more constructively, looking at options available without leading to homelessness, isolation or a situation of vulnerability for a young person.
  • Community and anti-social behaviour
  • Workplace mediation.  This aims to reduce tensions and conflict in the workplace. Mediation is introduced at early stages of the complaints procedure and aims to encourage employers and employees to use preventative and non-confrontational methods to resolve their differences.
  • Hate crime mediation.  The project has been very successful in tackling racial harassment and homophobia in the community. It works with both the victim and perpetrator.
  • Youth mediation.  The project trains children to become mediators and to use their skills to resolve conflict differently at school and in the community, and has had great success with many local pupils who attend schools in the area. The centre also uses its student teenage mediators on cases outside school on estates that involve young people on cases of Anti-Social Behaviour & Hate Crime.
  • Restorative justice.  This is an effective approach to dealing with anti- social behaviour, graffiti, noise and criminal damage, enabling people to understand the impact of their behaviour on others…

Why use mediation?
The aim of mediation is to ease the distress and anger often experienced by people involved in the following situations:

  • Neighbourhood disputes
  • Youth crime
  • Race, faith and homophobic harassment
  • Exclusion and conflict in schools
  • Workplace disputes
  • Commercial and organisation disputes
  • Anti-social behaviour.

Contact Details

020 7708 4959

[email protected]


The Southwark Mediation Centre 92 Camberwell Road London SE5 0EG

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Last updated:
16th July 2021

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