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Loughborough Farm: community food growing spaces


The Loughborough Farm is a community food growing project in Loughborough Junction.
The aim is to build a network of growing spaces around Loughborough Junction on pieces of land that are currently derelict or underused.
The food grown will be for local consumption and it is given away at the farm gate for a small donation. Horticultural training is provided and volunteers are encouraged to take up opportunities for accredited training that could lead to employment.
The food grown is a communal effort rather than individual plots. Regular volunteers take fresh vegetables home with them after every session. On their main site on Loughborough Road they grow in large builders’ bags as the site may be contaminated (due to previous industrial use) and they only have temporary permission to use the site.
The current site is The Triangle, Loughborough Road, opposite Wyck Gardens.  Recently a community orchard was planted in Wyck Gardens
As a volunteer you can help on a drop-in basis or more regularly. If you want to make a regular commitment, think about becoming a Grow Leader.
The project’s main focus is on food growing, but there are opportunities to help with other aspects such as DIY, arts and crafts, cooking, community events, selling and planning.
You will get the opportunity to learn new skills, free training sessions, a proportion of food grown, the opportunity to meet other local people and benefit your local community.

Contact Details

0207 733 1744

[email protected]


Loughborough Farm, Loughborough Road, opposite Wyck Gardens, London SW9 7EL

Other Info

Opening times:
Tuesday: 1pm - 3pm Thursday: 5.30pm - 6.30pm (until it gets too dark) Saturday: 1pm - 3pm Opening times can change and it is advised to check before turning up at the sites. Details of following sessions are sent via text or email and signposted outside the farm gates.


Disabled Access:


Other information:

Last updated:
16th July 2021

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