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Lambeth Single Point of Access


The Lambeth Single Point of Access (SPA) helps adults aged 18 to 65 years to get the right mental health support first time.  People can contact them direct if they are worried about their mental health and need more support than their GP can provide.

They have a team of mental health professionals, support workers and social workers who can help people access:

  • one of three Living Well Centres. These offer short and longer term support from teams of clinicians, social workers people with lived experience and support workers.
  • if appropriate, a team that can visit you if you require mental health support within 24 hours.
  • other services and community groups who can support you.

To get help from Lambeth SPA you can:

  • download the SPA introduction referral form, fill it out and email to lambethspa@slam.nhs.uk
  • ask a friend or family member to contact them on your behalf
  • visit your GP and ask them to contact SPA on your behalf
  • call 0800 090 2456 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).  After they receive your details they will phone you to discuss what kind of help    you need and to agree a plan.

They will then either:

  • contact mental health services on your behalf so you get help quickly, or
  • inform you about community services so you can contact them yourself.

They provide support Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you need urgent help at other times please visit Lambeth mental health crisis support.

The Delivery Alliances

We are creating four ‘Delivery Alliances’ to provide services:

1. Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance

This Alliance will bring together different providers to offer a better service to Lambeth residents facing a range of issues, including long-term illnesses.
•Find out more about the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance

2. Personalised Support Alliance

This Alliance will be for people who require personalised care. For example:
•people with learning or physical disabilities
•people with specific conditions
•people at the end of their life

A network of support will enable someone to live their life to the full.

This alliance is still at an early stage.

3. Living Well Network Alliance

This Alliance will be set up to support people who are experiencing mental illness. It brings together a range of services and support.
•Find out more about the Living Well Alliance

4. Children and Young People Alliance

This Alliance will bring together services and support for children and young people.

We have a plan that brings together services and support for children and young people from maternity to early adulthood. The Children and Young People Alliance will be about delivering upon that plan.

This alliance is still at an early stage.



Contact Details

0800 090 2456




Other Info

Opening times:
Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.


Disabled Access:


Other information:
The Living Well Alliance partners are:, Lambeth Council, Lambeth NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLAM), Thames Reach & Certitude.

Last updated:
14th May 2020