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Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants


Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) is an independent national charity which exists to campaign for justice in immigration, nationality and refugee law and policy.  Since it started JCWI has helped many thousands of individuals and families who, often in desperate need, have been affected by the unfairness of British immigration and nationality law and policy.  Throughout its history JCWI has been instrumental in creating partnerships among voluntary and other service providers, becoming an important resource to them. JCWI’s current activities fall under the following headings:

  • policy work and campaigning,
  • legal advice and strategic casework,
  • media work and information dissemination
  • providing legal training to practitioners and others
  • publications of guides, handbooks and other reference materials.

On the strength of its expertise in policy and casework JCWI continues to be an important resource for others who work in this field. It has established itself as a leading training provider in immigration, nationality and refugee law.

Legal Advice and Assistance.  JCWI deals with all areas of asylum and immigration law. They claim to be recognised as experts in this field with almost 50 years experience of fighting for justice for those who are vulnerable. They are known for dealing with complex immigration issues and challenging government policy and legislation.  They represent clients at all stages of the legal process including applications to the Home Office, entry clearance, appeals and judicial review.  JCWI employs three solicitors.

Some clients qualify for legal aid, but they also represent individuals who do not qualify for public funding, privately, at very competitive rates.
Surgeries and Helplines :

ADVICE SURGERY.  They hold an advice surgery on Tuesday mornings between 10am-12noon.  They allocate slots in the drop in to people who phone in advance to book their place on a “first come first served” basis.  Please phone 020 7251 8708 to book an appointment.  For this service they charge a one off fee of £75. The aim of this service is to assist those who cannot afford to pay the full private fees or where they are financially eligble for legal aid but their case is now out of scope and exceptional case funding is not available.  Please note that they are unable to provide free advice. It is possible to arrange fixed-fee appointments with solicitors at other times. Please contact their team for further information.

UNDOCUMENTED MIGRANTS.  If you are in the United Kingdom without documentation and would like free and confidential legal advice then please phone our specialist irregular migrant helpline (funded by Trust for London) on:020 7553 7470 between 10am and 1pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

FOREIGN NATIONAL PRISONERS.  If you are in prison and need immigration advice please contact our free and confidential helpline on 020 7553 7468every Wednesday between 10am-11am. You can also fax your enquiry to Fax: 020 7251 8707.

UNISON HELPLINE.  They run a specific helpline for UNISON members and provide free initial advice on all aspects of immigration law. The helpline runs on Tuesdays from 10am-3pm. Members should contact Unison in the first instance and ask them to contact us to arrange a phone call.

Publications.  You can purchase publications on the website.

Contact Details

020 7251 8708

[email protected]


JCWI, 115 Old Street, London EC1V 9RT

Other Info

Opening times:

Initial Drop-In Interview & Advice (30 - 45 minutes) £75.00 or up to £125 depending on the complexity of the case. Other services are very costly, see website, but Legal Aid is a possibility.

Disabled Access:


Other information:
Registered charity.

Last updated:
16th July 2021

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