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Groundswell (Inclusive solutions to homelessness)



Groundswell is a registered charity which exists to enable homeless and vulnerable people to take more control of their lives, have a greater influence on services and to play a fuller role in our community.

They deliver a range of innovative projects which put homeless people at the heart of solutions to homelessness focusing on Client Involvement , Peer Research and Health.

Groundswell is People-Powered!

Lived experience of homelessness and using services brings with it a unique insight. It is essential that society utilises this if we are to tackle homelessness effectively.
The majority of their work is delivered by people with personal experience of homelessness – with volunteers playing a central and essential role. Click here to meet some of the Team.

Client Involvement and our Core Beliefs

Groundswell has a particular take on the importance of Client Involvement – and operate from a set of core beliefs:
They believe:

  • Inclusive solutions! The only way to genuinely tackle homelessness and social exclusion is by utilising the knowledge and expertise of people affected by these issues.

  • There is no Them & Us! – only Us! Groundswell brings everyone together to create effective solutions.

  • Involvement works! When everyone is involved, the process creates more effective services and enables people to regain their independence.

  • They believe in people! People are society’s most valuable resource, and everyone has the capacity to make a contribution.

  • The whole community benefits when homelessness and social exclusion are effectively tackled.


Contact Details

03000 039 600

[email protected]


Groundswell UK, 3rd Floor, 55 Bondway, Vauxhall, London SW8 1SJ

Other Info

Opening times:
Opening Times: Weekdays 9am to 5pm


Disabled Access:


Other information:

Last updated:
16th July 2021

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