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Grandparents Plus


Grandparents Plus is the national charity which champions the vital role of grandparents and the wider family in children’s lives – especially when they take on the caring role in difficult family circumstances and when they have lost contact with children. We do this because we want to make children’s lives better.

  • Campaigning for change so that their contribution to children’s wellbeing and care is valued and understood
  • Providing evidence, policy solutions and training so that they get the services and support they need to help children thrive
  • Advising and supporting grandparents and wider family members to ensure they have access to a holistic service, offering them professional advice, information and casework support; and by ensuring that they can have a voice and help each other, especially when they are caring for children who are not living with their parents.
  • Advising, informing and supporting professionals to develop good kinship care practice and advising employers about how they can respond to the needs of their ageing workforces.

Looking after a relative’s child?  Call the Advice Line 0300 123 7015  Mon – Fri 10am – 3pm.  Or email:  [email protected]
Lost contact with a grandchild?  Call 0300 033 7015  Mon – Fri 10am – 3pm.  Or email:  [email protected]

Contact Details

Main office: 020 8981 8001 Advice line: 0300 123 7015

Office: [email protected] Advice line: [email protected]


Grandparents Plus, 1 Addington Square, Camberwell, London SE5 0HF

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Registered charity.

Last updated:
16th July 2021

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