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Child & Adolescent Early Intervention Service (Lambeth)


Early Intervention is a Tier 2 child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS). They provide assessment, care and short-term therapeutic treatment of up to 6 months, for children and young people, up to the age of 18, who have mental health problems.
– They care for children and young people who are registered with a Lambeth GP.
– They assess children and young people who have had worrying changes in their usual mood or behaviour for more then 6 months, but less then a year.
– They are divided into three teams (North, South East and South West) that cover the Lambeth Borough.
– They bring together different health and social care professionals, including mental health nurses, social workers and therapists.
A Tier 2 CAMHS is provided by a specialist, such as a psychologist or counsellor, in a GP practice, paediatric clinic, school or youth service. This service is for children who do not need to receive treatment from a team of health and social care professionals, but can be treated by a single practitioner.

Contact Details

020 3228 6763



Ivor House 1-9 Acre Lane Brixton London SW2 5BF

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Train & Tube: Brixton. Bus: 35 will take you from Brixton Station to Acre Lane one stop on bus to Town Hall Stop. Other bus services that run along Acre Lane are nos. 37, 355, 690 All Town Hall Stop.

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Last updated:
16th July 2021

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