Welcome to the new L&S Mind website

We’ve spent a long time designing and building the new site, and finally it's complete.Read more

Can psychotherapy treat psychosis?

Lambeth and Southwark Mind's second Annual Lecture, led by psychoanalyst Dorothée Bonnigal-Katz.Read more

'Everyone has a right to mental health - regardless of race'

Lambeth councillors Jacqui Dyer and Jim Dickson have been instrumental in setting up the Black Wellbeing Partnership.Read more

‘I’m learning how to live with the voices in my head’

People can hear voices or have hallucinations for many different reasons - they are not necessarily mentally ill.Read more

‘Pioneering psychosis therapy is changing Londoners’ lives’

In the latest in a series of exclusive interviews for our appeal, reporter Jack Dixon meets psychoanalyst Dorothée Bonnigal-Katz, who has aspirations to launch a pioneering new therapy service for south Londoners in crisis.Read more

‘It robs you of your identity – people only see the illness’

Anne Preston recounts her struggles with mental illness in her new book, 'Butterflying.'Read more

MPs pledge support for the Change Is Possible campaign

South London MPs pledged to take the fight for better mental health all the way to Westminster this week, as senior politicians lined up to support the L&S Mind, South London Press and London Weekly News Change Is Possible campaign.Read more

Mental health campaign reaches first milestone in bid to change lives

Our Change Is Possible campaign has already reached its first fundraising milestone. Pictured are chair of trustees Anna Minton, chief executive Ajay Khandelwal, head of development Ed Francis and Kindred Minds outreach worker Michelle Rodrigues.Read more

Power of music can help us overcome stress and anxiety

Composer Sergio Lopez Figueroa runs Humming in Harmony workshops to help Londoners cope with mental health problems.Read more

Change Is Possible mental health appeal breaks £3,000 in first week

Lambeth and Southwark Mind have teamed up with local news teams South London Press and London Weekly News to launch the Change Is Possible mental health campaign.Read more